How Smartphone Faxing Works: An Overview

Smart phones are really smart. They are simple devices with a lot of features that makes our life easier. Though it is in the size of a small pocket and can be handled with your single finger, it can do things that you cannot even imagine. Apart from the general use as a communicator, there are various ways a Smartphone can be used. Though it is not new to everyone, here is a list of how we use smart phones.
Smart phone as

  • MP3 Player
  • Television Set
  • Game Console
  • Torch Light
  • Universal Remote
  • Route Finder
  • Photo Manager
  • Scanner
  • Quick Notes
  • Fax Machine

Almost all of us are using the smart phones for the above facilities. Did you notice something that most of us rarely use? Yes, it is Fax machine. We used to fax mostly at work almost daily but we rarely know that our smart phone can act as a faxing machine. For those who are unaware of this facility, here is a quick overview on how a Smartphone can be used as a faxing machine.
Having said that do not assume that we can send the document directly from your smart phone to the recipient’s fax machine. That is not possible. So, how does the fax reaches the recipient may be the question? Read below to know more.
Similar to the use of smart phone as mp3 player or a television set or anything else, one needs software to do this.

  • Go to the play store
  • Download the fax application
  • Sign into the application
  • Start sending and receiving faxes from and to your account

There might be lot of questions on your mind regarding sending and receiving faxes. The general work of the application is to send and receive fax. But don’t you want to know more about how the document is faxed on behalf of us? Or how the fax sent to us is received?
What happens at the background? Let us look into it in detail.

Sending fax:


  • Sender has to compose a message similar to composing an email.
  • Sender has to append the document with the message like an atatchment.
  • In addition to the message and the attached document, the recipient’s fax number has to be specified.
  • Each account created during sign in will be allotted a fax number. Once you send a message from your account, the company or the service provider will know your allotted fax number.
  • The online faxburner service provider will act as a virtual fax machine. This fax machine will translate the attached document so that another fax machine can read it and sends the information across the phone line.
  • Instead of using the original fax number for faxing, the allotted fax number will be used to send the fax to the recipient.
  • In other words, the company will fax the recipient on your behalf.
  • On the recipient’s side, the data is again decoded and printed in fax.

Receiving Fax


  • Sender sends you document to your allotted fax number from his faxing machine.
  • The service provider will receive the information and translates them as an image file.
  • The translated image file is sent to the user’s account or to the email address.
  • The user can find and open it as an image from his account or mail.

One may be afraid that there may be a possibility of the data theft when it is sent through the middle person. One has to make it clear that there is no human interference in between. It is the sender who is going to send the data and the recipient who is going to receive the data. The data are not printed as a document and later sent over the fax machine by the middle person. It is automatically received by the fax machine connected over network and are transmitted to the recipient as image which is understood by the fax machine.

Why is it worth using?


  • One can fax multiple recipients at a time.
  • One need not worry about paper jam.
  • The application provides custom views which can be used to change how your fax should look.
  • Though it is through the service provider, one can be sure of the data safety.

Thus using this facility makes sense financially and is environment friendly as well.


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