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We run an online app that is available on android and iOS phones for sending and receiving faxes. Our company was formed in order to reduce costs of small and medium level companies where fax machines are rarely used but there is a need to send and receive faxes. We decide to start with a centralized fax office, and then we found that we can also make use of the latest technological developments and make it easy and environment friendly.

All you need to do is to just create an account with us and we will provide you with a fax number, this number you can share with your clients. By using our app you can send and receive faxes electronically. All faxes that you receive would be sent to you as images which you can print with your regular printers. We assure you that the quality of the images has been given utmost importance and clarity will never be an issue. Our app has been designed in such a way that the user interface is very friendly.

We provide this facility at a very minimal cost; in fact you can have a free trial for a month and see how our services fit your business. There will be a temporary fax number given to you and it can be made permanent once you enter in to a contract with us for a year or more than that. If your business requires you or your sales team to be constantly travelling and also have a need for them to fax information to clients or the head office then our company has the ideal solution for you.

Hence use our faxing services and save the cost of fax machine, the paper; improve business by quickly responding to clients even while on the go. Being environment friendly is an additional bonus that our company offers.

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